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About Us


TechTrend is the result of many years of trial and error and the high quality of the product is thanks to input from the users, the designers and the engineers. We at TechTrend know what works and what does not, and if you want to develop something unfamiliar to us, we will let you know, and then it is up to you to decide whether you want to take the risk to find out whether it works or not. We have so much experience that there will hardly be any circumstance where the result will be unknown before we start with the design.Our core business is the manufacture of LED light fittings. We here at TechTrend manufacture everything with regards to the LED light fitting besides the LED chip itself. Because of this we have a wide knowledge base across the manufacturing industry.

Our expertise lies in electrical and electronic manufacturing, but we have substantial knowledge in liquid plastic casting and composite engineering, general engineering and metal fabrication, wood based manufacturing, Thermal moulding and other plastic based fabrication. Here at TechTrend we design, develop and manufacture whatever products are required/requested. Because we have diversified in so many different fields we have developed other products that have nothing to do with LED lights themselves. Please have a browse through our website to see what we do, what we have done and what we can do and if there is something that is not available through us yet with great market potential then please be so kind and give us a shout to see if we are the right partner for your product.



We at TechTrend are highly skilled, extremely versatile and have great imagination.
Ingenuity is who we are.
We give our best to produce the best.
Every product we build bares a part of us.
We gain strength thru challenges and conquer where others have failed.
Our products excel particularly in the agricultural, industrial and commercial lighting markets.
We are passionate about our work, and passionate to share what we have learned to those who are less fortunate.
We are pro world and recycle everything that can be recycled.
We support the local market 100%.
We like challenges, but we love solutions.
Miracles are not impossible, they just take a little bit longer...



To be a world class company empowering local unskilled labour until they become a contributing part of our society.
To have not a single product of less than exceptional quality.
Find the point where great quality and good pricing meet. Provide the best value for money.

Within the next 3 - 5 years TechTrend expects to:

  • Own majority local market share of its flag ship products
  • Be recognised thru out our market sector as the top quality manufacturer
  • Be an international exporter of our South African manufactured products
  • Become ISO 9001 and SABS certified.

Our Expertise


This includes but is not limited to:
  • Product design
  • Product testing
We test our own products after development, but also test competitors products to see if they comply to their specifications, and how they compare to our product in respect to efficiency and life expectancy

The tests include, but are not limited to power factor and total system power, Total system efficiency, LED case temperature at specific ambient to estimate life according to the LM80 report of the LED in question.
  • Product illustration in a 3D model and rendered images
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • PCB and software design
  • Electronic assembly
  • Electrical wiring design and assembly
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Composite engineering
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • CNC routing
  • Thermal moulding
  • Spray painting
  • Component Anodising
  • Cutting and trimming
  • Automatic component de-burring

Corporate & Resposibilities


Just because we build 'green products' and our manufacturing process leaves a smaller carbon footprint than a company that builds tractors, does this not relieve us from our environmental responsibilities.

Many people do not understand why one should recycle, because one does not see any difference if one does or not, not realising that the effect [reduced rate of destruction] of what we do today is only seen in 10 or 20 years from now.

We are constantly making our employees aware of this importance, in the hope that they will take this home, and not only exercise recycling at their workplace because it is compulsory.

Besides for the different types of metals, we also recycle plastics [PMMA, PVC, PC, ABS, PETG, LDPE and HDPE], carton, paper and glass. All our collected recyclables [besides metals] we give to our local 'self employed' recycle material collectors. This is one of the ways that we contribute to local economic development.

Another way we contribute to local economic development is thru skills development. Because our skill set is so versatile, we can expose individuals to basically every aspect of the manufacturing industry. This strategy is based on widening the horizon, exposing unskilled and unmotivated labour to the amazing live of creating things. We work closely together with 'Dream Worker' in Atlantis. They have a database of over 2000 job seekers [list is growing continuously], and here we look for unskilled labour that dreams of being an engineer. We expose them to all the fields of the engineering trade for the duration of a year. Afterwards they get an certificate listing their achievements and then hopefully they will go study to become qualified with a solid practical backbone and knowing what they are in for before they start.

We call on other companies that employ labour brokers to please have a look at what 'Dream Worker' offers. They are an NGO, and they are purely there as a bridge between the unemployed and the employer. Although it might be more hassle than dealing with labour brokers, one is helping local economic development, one can employ more people, and one is increasing overall moral in the work place.

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