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Tech Trend Projects


Welcome to the TechTrend Projects page. Here we display just a few projects we have done that you might bump into, or complicated designs that we have manufactured.

We hope this can display a good sense of our capabilities, and give you the peace of mind that you are choosing the correct partner as your LED light supplier.

It is important to note that we have manufactured all these products in South Africa and or in house from scratch.


+ Caltex - forecourt light

Strip lighting - CW and CG

+ Strip lighting - CW & CG

FNB - Stainless kiosk

+ FNB - Stainless Kiosk

Caltex - forecourt light

We are proud to be the manufacturer of the Chevron approved forecourt light. This is our flagship product. It is superior in its quality on all levels. The latest LM 80 report projects hardly any light loss over 100kh.

Although these fittings only carry a 3 year guarantee, we have many fitting in the field that have surpassed 3 years and still running strong. We had a hand full of failures, far below industry standards, and any weaknesses that we have detected have be ironed out. All new generation Sierras are superior in very way.

This superior product in conjunction with our agent, an A1 Electrical Contractor, they supply a 3 year on site no hassle guarantee.

These light can be use in many more applications then just forecourt lights.
For technical advice and application assistance please mail

For Sales assistance please contact our Agent: Southern Star Electrical Contractors. Talk to Marico on 082 903 3760 and visit

Canal Walk Strip lighting - CW & CG

As with all our products we use exclusively Osram Opto LEDs. We have looked around and no other LED make gives us the same feeling of quality and specification accuracy.

The Canal Walk troff lighting project was interesting for 2 reason. Firstly because it is 4.2km of LED strips and secondly that we were able to match the price on the Chinese competition. This just proves how extremely well priced our products are for so much better quality.

As a lay man it is very difficult to know if what you are buying is value for money. Every quality type has a price tag, one just needs to make sure that the quality matches the price.

Cape Gate

The Cape Gate troff lighting was not as interesting as the Canal Walk projects, because this project was sold on our reputation.
What was interesting though is the high power of these strips, nothing like the Canal Walk project.

These trips are only 1.3km in total, but have 4 times the amount of power as the trips at canal walk. With this project we used 106 000 mid power LEDs to make up the strips required.

FNB - Stainless Kiosk

Portside Building
This was an interesting project consisting out of electronics, RGB LEDs, Stainless steel and glass. Here we have once again proven our skills. We have conceptualised, designed and build the entire product from scratch.

Contrary to most other companies we have doe the mechanical, electrical and electronic work. We are the one stop shop for complicated products.

We where subcontracting to Screen Media that supplied the plasma and set up the touch screen and the software backbone.
The only reason why we put this on our website is because it is a cool product, really, a cool product.

+ UVS - Grow lights

+ InterPark - Parkade

+ Heineken promo

UVS - Grow lights

These light where design on request and by the Agronomy department of the University of Stellenbosch.

The light frequencies for the Red and Blue was specified by the professors and it was asked that the light should be adjustable as the plant grows.

We took this information to the drawing board and designed the ideal concept from that.

We designed the light unit to be easily exchangeable for upgrades and future changes. We designed a counter weight system that was carefully calculated to match the weight of the light hood. This allows for easy up and down and the hood stays where it is let go without the need to engage any jamming or locking mechanisms.

We installed white inspection lights to ease stress on the eyes cause by the high power grow lights and made the red and the blue circuit separately adjustable for experimentation purposes.
We also included an over temperature sensor that shuts down the grow lights should the ambient exceed the set level, to avoid damage to the plants should the air-conditioning fail.

In an additional attempt to minimise failure we also split the unit into groups. The light engine group, the power unit and the control circuit.

It took a while to get everything the way we wanted it, but it turned out to be an amazing product with close to 1000W of grow light power on just of 1.5m2 per grow stand, this has to be the most powerful grow light unit conceived thus far.

InterPark - Parkade

Pickbel Parkade - Strand Street

We at TechTrend always push the boundaries of technology. We have designed a light that replaces the standard fluorescent vapour looms, but with a twist. It is completely different than the current product that we are competing against. With a solid aluminium extruded casing, poly carbonate front cover, high tech Ledil optics to bend the light to our requirements and highly efficient LED driver, we have designed a fitting ahead of its time. Unfortunately only forward thinking companies buy products ahead of its time, and Inter Park was the first to do.

Heineken promo

This was the Heiniken City Promo launched towards the end of 2014. The main contractor was SDS and we programmed the software for this light game and build the light to give the effect.

+ Poultry Lights

+ Gearhouse - Distro's & motor controllers

+ Avondale - Delicate assemblies

Poultry Lights

The Sunbird poultry lights are exclusively manufactured for Solarport.
To acquired this product, or to get more information on it please contact Philip from Solarport on 073 526 7370 or email to also visit

Please do not enquire with us, it will be to no avail.

This is a extremely well designed and well priced product. All the aspects of the operating environment where considered. This is the only poultry light that can operate under water, and in an ambient of up to 50°C.

Gearhouse - Distro's & motor controllers

This is an example of a product that has nothing to do with LED lights. We designed and build these units on request. We had a look at the issues that the competitors units caused in the fields and build our units to be easily maintainable around the know problems. These are 19'' rack mountable and stackable devices to be easily reconfigured as required. These product are known to take a beating, so they where build using only the toughest parts available.

The devil is in the detail. Even the little turn knobs have 'Gearhouse' inscribed on them.

Above is a 19'' rack mountable and stackable distribution board with 63A in and 3 x 32A out.

Above is a hand held remote to signal the motor controller when the operator cannot see the stage from where the motor controller is located.

Avondale - Delicate assemblies

Most of our work is so delicate that we sometimes get requested to 'just' assembly items that need TLC during the assembly.
The Avondale project was designed by Laurie from WIID design, and we were instructed to assemble these units.
To see more of WIID's amazing work visit

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